Putting the clock forward at Avebury Stone Circle

Repositioning the stones for British Summer Time

Repositioning the stones for British Summer Time

This morning National Trust Rangers are very carefully moving one of the famous standing stones at the ancient Avebury World Heritage Site. 

“Obviously Stone Age man didn’t have daylight saving, so twice a year we have to move one of the stones.” said Hilary Makins, National Trust Head Ranger.

“Avebury is an astonishing monument to the Neolithic people’s ingenuity.  We want to make sure the stones are as accurate as they were back when they were put up.  Each one weighs several tonnes.  It’s a huge effort, but it’s worth it.” 



  1. Dave M   •  

    Amazing dedication ;o)

    Still, though, it’s probably easier than changing the clock on my oven…

    • Roger Carr   •  

      Indeed, or on a Peugeot

  2. Paul Smart   •  

    Lovely April Fools – one of the best today 🙂

  3. Craig Pinner   •  

    That’s got to be an April fool!

  4. Adrian B   •  

    What the National Trust are not telling you is that they have been forced to go through this ridiculous charade as a result of an EU directive that requires all ancient monuments, timepieces and sundials to be compliant with European time-keeping regulations. This is an insult to British sovereignty and I am very disappointed to see the National Trust rolling over so weekly. You hold these monuments in trust for the nation not for the panjandrums in Brussels. Dame Helen Ghosh should show some balls!

    • Sabine   •  

      I believe they roll the stones over twice yearly instead of weekly. Er.

      • Ollie   •  

        I think Adrian means weakly, not weekly. Hah.

        • Jerry   •  

          Quite a hilarious slip of words actually

    • Bob   •  

      It’s worse than that. There’s new legislation on the horizon that will require a national effort between governments to move the objects in the heavens to match weekly horoscopes.

    • Greenradagast   •  

      Your comment explains why UKIP are so popular. How stupid do you feel now knowing that you are now officially an April Fool?

    • Chris Bentley   •  

      April fool lol

    • Vercingetorix   •  

      It’s not weekly, it’s only once a year. a small sacrifice to make for Continental druidical knowledge and the heritage of the Gaulish exiles.

  5. Adrian B   •  

    that should be “meekly” not “weekly”, though the National Trust probably rolls over weekly too.

  6. BLANCHARD   •  

    Nice joke for a 1st of april ! well done N.T Rangers.. do not forget to remove the grass to… an admirative “froggy” Philipp

  7. Jim The Bard   •  

    Obviously this is complete nonsense as all those that know the story are well aware that Avebury was formed after the giant chased Jack down the beanstalk, fell and knocked all his teeth out. Even today the remaining embankment where his gums pushed into the ground with a mighty thunk are visible. Why no remains other than his teeth? Simple, the peasants were starving and they ate him.

  8. a rambler   •  

    this was retweeted on the Mary Russell (Holmes) site and my sister in law fell for it … snort

  9. Justbod   •  

    Brilliant! Love the EU directive comment. Where would we be without humour!

  10. Little Wallace   •  

    Last time I was there, there was a sheep that served a minute hand. Hopefully the Lone NT Ranger will adjust said sheep’s position too, unless it is in Dave M.’s oven already, in which case I hope he sorted out his clock. Nothing worse than burnt mutton. I suppose Jim the Bard would try to tell us that the sheep was the Giant’s dental floss. Don’t believe everything you read.

  11. Jane Almquist   •  

    April Fool’s joke, right?

    • Allan   •     Author

      But National Trust staff are such serious people – and where would we borrow a giant polystyrene boulder from anyway . . .

      • Jim The Bard   •  

        For a start that is not a polystyrene boulder but a good angle on the photo. Secondly all the polystyrene stones from “Children of the Stones” are in a shed up the road. LOL. Thirdly, April Fools you ninny.

      • Greenradagast   •  

        You can get them from the old Star Trek props department pretty cheap these days 😉

        • Tony Danis   •  

          Just saw this, as it’s recycled from last year (but still relevant). Anyway, amused by your Star Trek reference. Those prop boulders always caught my attention for some reason when I saw them on tv. Delightfully unrealistic. And of course the same stones would appear in different episodes.
          They really looked like a special effects technician’s concept of what a parody of a Star Trek boulder should be.
          Great to see somebody referencing them 50 years later on!

  12. J. Moore   •  

    Hee hee!!

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  18. Rockwatcher   •  

    They need to roll the stones every year anyway, it stops moss building up. may as well combine it with the clock change!

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  20. phil ward   •  

    This has db to be an April fools joke now wsy u would db that trailer take all that weight and where is the huge crane that would be needed to lift it ?

  21. Charlezzzzz   •  

    But the tides! The tides have to be adjusted, too. Everybody has to go down to the shore with a bucket and a sponge before the ocean gets out of whack.

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  23. beaumont stevenson   •  

    They’ve also commissioned a song as well: it’s called “Rock Around the clock!”

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  25. Andrew Smailes   •  

    if they want to keep it as it was then don’t move it

  26. Shane   •  

    WTF ! Just leave them on SUN time.

  27. John Pilcher   •  

    It shows that tha National Trust have a sense of humour, I think we should move them all around every now and then. We could make a program and call it Changing moments in Monuments.

  28. Alex G   •  

    It is good to hear that Avebury are still observing the rules set by the Druid European Union. We will still remain a member of that earlier trading union, even after Leaving the Nauseous European Union.

  29. Sally   •  

    Thanks for the chuckle, everyone

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