Henry the cat tries the 50 Things challenge at Dyrham Park

Dyrham's Henry goes on a bare foot walk (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

A cat who lives at Dyrham Park has taken up a National Trust challenge to children to get outdoors and complete 50 fun things before they are 11 and ¾.

Dyrham's Henry with compass (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

Dyrham’s Henry with compass (c)National Trust/Laura Williams

We all know cats love climbing trees, but Henry has got involved in den building, making a daisy chain and other activities.

Dyrham Park’s resident cat, Henry, has been joining young explorers as they tick things off their 50 Things challenge this summer holiday.

At the tender age of 1 and 3/4, Henry’s well on his way to complete the National Trust’s 50 Things to do before you’re 11 and ¾ challenge, having already completed 18 including:

  • Climbing a tree
  • Rolling down a really big hill
  • Building a den
  • Running around in the rain
  • Eating an apple straight from the tree
  • Making a trail with sticks
  • Making a daisy chain (with help from a grown up)
  • Creating some wild art
  • Exploring inside a tree
  • Going on a walk barefoot
  • Climbing a huge hill
  • Hunting for bugs (and some mice too)
  • Catching a falling leaf
  • Tracking wild animals (deer)
  • Discovering what’s in a pond
  • Going on a nature walk at night
  • Going bird watching (his favourite)
  • Finding his way with a map and compass
Dyrham's Henry in den (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

Dyrham’s Henry in den (c)National Trust/Laura Williams

Dyrham's Henry climbing a tree (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

Dyrham’s Henry climbing a tree (c)National Trust/Laura Williams

Henry’s owner, Dyrham Park’s Acting Visitor Experience Manager Kate Collins said: ‘Henry has been charming the visitors here since he arrived and now he’s winning over even more people with his 50 things quest. Some things come more naturally than others – such as climbing a tree or exploring inside; others need a little help from us humans – making a daisy chain and reading a map, for example.

Dyrham's Henry with daisy chain (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

Dyrham’s Henry with daisy chain (c)National Trust/Laura Williams

‘In reality, this was a bit of fun – but it shows just how easy and rewarding it is to do the 50 Things challenge. We’ve got everything you need to help you here at Dyrham Park, including free challenge booklets and stickers when you complete them as well as kites and other items for sale in the shop.’

The National Trust’s 50 Things challenge was launched in response to a Natural Childhood Report which concluded that children are not as engaged with nature as they once were. The list includes 50 low cost activities which children – and cats – are encouraged to tick off – all of which you can complete at National Trust places.

Dyrham's Henry explores inside a tree (c)National Trust-Laura Williams

Dyrham’s Henry explores inside a tree (c)National Trust/Laura Williams

Dyrham Park, not far from both Bristol and Bath, is hosting regular 50 Things days every Sunday during the school holidays, where the team will help you with a specific challenge and give you a sticker on completion.

Situated just off junction 18 of the M4 – 8 miles north of Bath and 12 miles east of Bristol, Dyrham Park comprises a park, garden, tea-room and shop are open daily 10am-5pm. Free entry for National Trust members and under 5s.

For more information, please visit the website www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dyrhampark or call 0117 937 2501.

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