See Bath Skyline as never before

Spectacular new aerials videos from the National Trust are showing Bath’s Solsbury Hill from an entirely new angle.

The scheduled ancient monument is a popular walking route with many hundreds of people climbing it every week and looking out at the views and even the city lights in the evening.


In the captivating new aerial videos viewers can not only experience the wonderful views offered by Solsbury Hill in the daytime sunshine, but from this high vantage point the hills history is also revealed and viewers can see why it has been a site of importance since the Bronze Age.


There’s also a video showing the lighting of one of 900 beacons lit worldwide to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday on April 21. Aerial camera team Mike Calnan and Mark Smeaton flew a high spec drone over the hill, getting stunning birds-eye view panoramas of the UNESCO heritage site landmark and showing the progress of the beacon’s construction to its lighting high above the city of Bath.


‘It’s been a real treat to be able to see such an icon in the Bath landscape from above,’ said Rob Holden, lead ranger for the National Trust in Bath. ‘Our staff and volunteers put countless hours into caring for over 500 acres of countryside across Bath for the public to enjoy, so it is fantastic to see the hill in all its glory.’

The videos are available to view on the National Trust in Bath’s YouTube channels now at

If you’d like to visit Little Solsbury Hill for yourself, directions are available from the Bath Skyline website

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