Cliff falls and coast path closures

This winter Cornwall has been subject to high levels of wind and rain and National Trust properties, amongst others, have experienced the consequences with cliff falls and landslips closing access to some of our popular coastal places. As is the case every winter ranger teams and volunteers are busy repairing paths and managing the coast so that when summer comes around our beautiful places are there for everyone to enjoy.

Near Loe Bar the coastal path has been closed and diverted in two places due to cliff falls making the existing route impassable. At Mullion Cove a landslip above the harbour threatens to fall partly onto the harbour and so access to the harbour is currently closed.. Elsewhere on the Lizard the coastal path south of Kennack Sands has also been closed due to a landslip.

The coast is a dynamic system and the National Trust works with nature wherever possible. Where coastal cliff falls occur, we aim to move the coast path inland, making space for nature and people.

At Mullion we have taken advice from expert engineers and have been monitoring the unstable cliff for the past two years. It has now reached a point where we cannot allow access to the harbour until the cliff fall has fully happened. We will then assess the situation, carrying out any scaling identified at that point.

We are working with the Council access teams and the South West Coast Path Association to determine new routes for the coast path where it has fallen away. This may take time and we ask the public to be patient, avoid putting themselves in danger and to follow the diversion signs.


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